How Is Your Business Connecting With Our Listeners?

Welcome to is not about technology. It is about how you, our advertiser, can best market to our audience through all our various marketing tools. Watch WBAP’s Mark Davis and KSCS’s Hawkeye tell you how.

Offline and Online...Cumulus Connects.

Fully engaging your customers means more than simply putting your ad on the air. In fact, that's only the beginning. Consumers encounter a myriad of touchpoints in their daily lives including their phones, computers and tablets. With the broad reach of our portfolio of digital assets, our stations have the ability to reach the audiences you're targeting across multiple platforms.

homesurroundNeed the power of video to enhance your message?
We place interactive online video ads on our sites AND we have an in-house video production facility to customize video’s for your business

Looking for effective one-to-one communication?
We offer both email and SMS mobile marketing.

Want to activate an audience and capture valuable consumer data?
We develop effective online promotions and sweepstakes.

We leverage our extensive portfolio of digital assets to provide clients with comprehensive, targeted marketing efforts that resonate with consumers. Using on-air, online and on-site platforms, we immerse our audiences in your brand — adding value and benefitting your ROI.

Our Digital Assets

  • Display ads on our web sites
  • Customized commercials & sync banners in streaming (Our At-Work-Daypart)
  • Category exclusive Video Pre-rolls
  • Email marketing
  • SMS mobile marketing
  • Custom client mobile clubs
  • Online contests for database acquisition
  • Online sponsorships
  • Long-form video client content
  • Custom client bridge pages